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Continental belt - Toyota Hiace / Hilux

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Continental Gatorback Fanbelt

Toyota Hiace 2.4D / 2.8D / 3.0D Alternator Belt x 2
Hilux 2.4D / 2.8D / 3.0D / 3.0D-4D Alternator Belt


Tension Members:
High strength Vytacord® tension members resist shockload failure.
Their low elongation properties assure uniform performance
over the service life of the belt.

Fiber-reinforced helical cogs offer flexibility thereby reducing cracking
and fatigue in the cushion section of the belt.

Full V Design:
Rubber edge maintains positive no- slip contact with pulley grooves
providing efficient energy transfer.

Belts are manufactured with precise tolerances and exacting quality.

Designed to perform in pulleys meeting SAE J636 and SAE J1459
Manufactured by Continental South Africa

This is an Automotive Belt and must not be used for Industrial Applications.